I love to be inspired by what others have done.

I love to be inspired by other people's projects and goals. It challenges me to get up and get busy. I hope you're inspired to make a little progress on whatever project you've been dreaming of doing.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My sewing/UFO goals for 2011

I love making goals and lists.  The problem is sometimes they aren't very realistic.  I forget to take into account that there are six other people living in the same house; that sometimes my goals are not the Lord's goals for me.  For example, check out my list I made Sunday morning...

I'm slowly crossing items off, but it will probably take me all week and then some.  I really need to work on planning realistically.  In an attempt to make progress/schedule time for sewing projects (a goal my husband set for me) I planned out some projects for the next few months a couple of weeks ago.  Our bathroom/laundry room renovation has put me a bit behind.  FYI - some of these are started...all of these are purchased.

·          Fleece -
·          Patchwork quilt binding
·          Stool

·          Hobby Lobby print
·          Heart wall hanging – mom

·          Easter dresses
·          Smocked dress (started weekend of Linda B’s shower)

·          Puppy outfit
·          Gingham dress (pink)

·          Pink dress – Magdalene
·          Patchwork blocks - in Grandma's attic...I've had them for probably 15 years

·          Strawberry design
·          Patchwork – Gina’s $5 quilt top class - not sure how many years ago that was

·          Coral coordinating
·          Clean house !!

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