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I love to be inspired by other people's projects and goals. It challenges me to get up and get busy. I hope you're inspired to make a little progress on whatever project you've been dreaming of doing.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pillowcase Dresses

Yesterday evening I hosted a Girl's Night Out to make pillowcase dresses to donate to a school/orphanage in Guatemala.  It was great fun and the dresses are adorable.  We used a combination of instructions - I like deeper armholes than these  pillowcase_dress_how_to  so the top edge can be turned down without sewing on a facing.   Here are a few things I learned and some I'm thankful that the Lord had prompted me to do. 
(In no particular order.)

1.  If you haven't sewn recently bring a pillowcase (saves time if you're not a confident sewer).  Make sure it is in new/like "new" condition...If you've been using it for years it is not in "new" condition.  (Unless it has been sitting in a guest room that rarely has guests)
2.  Know how to thread your machine (& bobbin) or at least bring your machine's book.  Bring an extension cord/power strip.
3.  Relax...it's to be fun and perfection is rarely necessary.  A friend told me years ago that if you're going to have children and still sew you have to sew fast.  For those who are not perfectionists - slow down.
4.  Label all sewing tools....I have a few extra pairs of shears today.  Bring a seam ripper, pins, etc.
5.  Don't be timid and afraid to ask for help...you'll end up feeling left out and passed by.  (Refer to #3)
6.  Share machines...saves table space and allows everyone to "work" together.  (While someone is ironing, someone else can sew).  Many of the pillowcases/dresses were white/light colors so this is easy.
7.  Have multiple ironing boards (and place them out of the way).  (Thanks friends for hauling these across town.)
8.  If your machine won't work, completely unthread and rethread. (Refer to #2)
9.  This is a great activity for moms/daughters to do together and a great way to learn to sew.
10. There is great joy from using your gift of sewing to bless others.
11.  Serve chocolate.  An evening is always better with chocolate.

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