I love to be inspired by what others have done.

I love to be inspired by other people's projects and goals. It challenges me to get up and get busy. I hope you're inspired to make a little progress on whatever project you've been dreaming of doing.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dance Teacher Thank You Cards

I saw this dance-teacher-thank-you-tags on Thursday and had to copy it.   While the big children were rehearsing for their choir concert yesterday I cut, taped and was finished just it time to put up the ballerina's hair in time for her recital.

I thought it was a creative way to "wrap" an iTunes giftcard.  The dds didn't quite get the "Thank You for teaching me how to get my groove on."  The teachers did.

Here are a few pictures in their ballet attire.  The costumes were beautiful (well...maybe not the one jazz costume).  I'm looking forward to seeing the professional pictures.

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