I love to be inspired by what others have done.

I love to be inspired by other people's projects and goals. It challenges me to get up and get busy. I hope you're inspired to make a little progress on whatever project you've been dreaming of doing.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Bathroom Toilet

My teenager pointed out that I haven't posted a picture of my new toilet...isn't it stylish?  I was going to use the old one, but after an hour (well...maybe it wasn't that long) of scrubbing I appealed to the dear husband for a new one.  He jumped in the truck (literally) and came home with this.  He had been asking since January if I wanted to replace the old one.  My new bathroom is beautiful.  I was a little concerned about the green, but with the cabinet and toilet I am loving it.  I can't completely reveal the whole room yet...it might take until July when my sister returns for another visit and brings a mirror.  But we've come from here: 
The toilet is in the same place as before.

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