I love to be inspired by what others have done.

I love to be inspired by other people's projects and goals. It challenges me to get up and get busy. I hope you're inspired to make a little progress on whatever project you've been dreaming of doing.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Home Depot Gingerbread House

What seems like many years ago, I made a gingerbread house from scratch with a Pampered Chef mold (only two children at the time and one was three months old) and I had to borrow an ingredient from my neighbor.  I knew if I woke the baby for a store trip the house wouldn't get made.  That was the first of a stream of houses...this year's is a Home Depot (TN orange house!).  Someday, I might once again make a house from scratch, but for now a store bought kit is the best option if it is going to be done.

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